5 Best FREE IP Camera Software in 2020

IP camera software are applications that can be used for home surveillance, business, and family protection. Many such Video Management Software (VMS) enables you to view recorded web cameras and live clips with ease.

1) Security Eye

Security Eye is a video surveillance software that uses webcams and IP cameras to perform monitoring.


  • The software enables you to setup a special date and period of the day.
  • Security Eye tool record video in high quality.
  • This NVR (Network Video Recorder) system supports 1200+ models of IP cameras.
  • It has easy to use integrated video player.

2) Anycam

Anycam is one of the best WIFI security cameras that allows you to view and record live streams with minimal efforts.

  • This application enables you to view recorded videos individually.
  • It requires only the input of the IP address or domain name to add a new camera.
  • Anycam enables you to play recordings stored on your PC or network drive.
  • You can play a video archive with ease.

3) Camcloud VMS

Camcloud VMS is one of the best CCTV software that eliminates the need for hardware gateways.


  • This VMS (Video Management Solution) application automatically detects cameras.
  • You can manage cameras with ease.
  • This free security camera software seamlessly integrates with NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SD card.
  • It allows you to check the health of the camera.
  • Provides services to control the camera through web and mobile apps.
  • It offers a multi-camera timeline for ease of managing the cloud.

4) Genius Vision

Genius Vision is a security camera software that allows remote video monitoring and recording.


  • Supports multiple brands of IP cameras.
  • This VMS (Video Management Solution) is easy to setup and configure.
  • Provides 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) mobile streaming.
  • You can integrate this software with Google Map.
  • This IP camera software enables you to schedule recording.

5) Deskshare IP Camera Viewer

IP Camera Viewer is a security camera system that enables you to view live video from IP cameras or USB.


  • It automatically uploads recorded videos to a server.
  • The tool is compatible with all models of IP cameras.
  • You can control and view more than 4 camera videos.
  • Provides preview from multiple cameras.
  • This IP camera software enables you to make video clearer by adjusting camera video and image property.
  • It allows you to configure the resolution and frame rate for video.

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