5 JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries

Visualizing data inside those apps and presenting them to end users is a great responsibility.

Companies build strategies around the charts, number, and tables they’re presented with, and often use them to choose whether to pursue business opportunities.

1. D3.js

D3 is one of the most popular JS libraries not just for data visualization, but also animations, data analysis, geo, and data utilities.

Much of the API exposes direct access to the DOM, which might clash a little with how modern frontend frameworks like React or Vue work.

2. Victory

Victory does a good job providing fundamentals to create a chart.

It’s really effective and lets you build some nice-looking charts with minimal code. Definitely worth checking out for cross-platform apps.

3. ApexCharts

Its charts look great on different devices, and the library allows for customization and comes with comprehensive documentation.

The library itself is new and there’s still a lot of room to grow, but if responsiveness and interactivity is especially important for you, it’s a nice-looking library worth giving a shot.

Works with: React, Vue.js, plain JavaScript

4. Frappe Charts

Frappe Charts is a package inspired by GitHub-like visuals which supports line, bar, and other types of charts.

You can use it to create monthly heatmaps that you may recognize from GitHub Activity.

5. Nivo

Nivo is a beautiful framework built on top of D3 and React, offering fourteen different types of components to present your data.

Nivo offers a lot of customization options and three rendering options: Canvas, SVG, and even API-based HTML.

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