A 37 years old Man defends his marriage to his 83 years old Wife, despite their significant 46 years of gap.

Iris is 82 years old, and Mohamed is 36 years old, are living proof that true love has no bounds.

Despite a significant 46 years age difference and living thousands of miles apart, the 83 years old resident of Somerset, England, and the 37 years old individual from Cairo, Egypt, share a deeply passionate love for each other.

The 83 years old Somerset, England resident and the 37 years old Cairo, Egypt inhabitant are profoundly in love with each other despite having a substantial 46 year age gap and living thousands of miles away.

Mohamed Ibriham, aged 36, originates from Egypt.

In 2019, Mohamed Ibriham, a resident of Egypt, encountered Iris Jones, a British citizen, through Facebook. Shortly after their initial connection, a romantic relationship blossomed between them. They eventually met in Cairo and tied the knot in November 2020

But recently, Mohamed has been forced to defend his marriage amid claims that Jones is just his partner because of his need for a visa and her financial support.

Why are people making this assumption so quickly? Iris was 82 years old when they first met.

Recently, the couple appeared on the British talk show “This Morning” to discuss the abuse they have experienced. Mohamed explain:

“We’ve had some attacks. Why? I have a job. Because of a need, I’m not with Iris. I’m wealthy and live in a bungalow in Cairo.”


Iris is retired and only gets a weekly government payment of roughly 200 pounds ($266).

During the interview, Mohamed referred to Iris as the “boss” of their relationship, and Iris acknowledged that their union has its share of hiccups.

“Currently, we are facing challenges as Mohamed adapts to life in the Western culture, and I am adjusting to having a male presence in my surroundings,” she clarified.

The couple first gained public attention through a separate interview on “This Morning,” where they openly discussed the more intimate aspects of their relationship. In that interview, they also defended their relationship.

According to the Daily Mail, Mohamed confidently stated, “Love does not recognize age or borders. This is our life, Iris chose me, and I chose Iris.”

“To those who criticize our love”, he said, “I want to say it’s none of your concern, focus on your life, and that’s all “

In addition, Iris revealed details about their romantic relationship that startled Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the hosts of This Morning.

“The first night was quite difficult; it was difficult. I believed I was a virgin once more because nobody has been with me for 35 years.”

“Could I tell you what we used? KY Jelly in its entirety,” Iris said.

Growing older does not always require you to live a slower life. Contrarily, now is the greatest moment to put all of your effort into whatever it is that you find enjoyable. In the end, if not now, then when?

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