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5 Best Resource Planning Tools

Resources can include anything from people, technical equipment, materials, and facilities. Resource planning also includes managing talent that is already available. Such a tool allows you to plan and allocate resources. 1. Hub Planner Hub Planner provides an array of business functionalities. The…Read More »

HR Software For Small Businesses

HR software organize records and makes them easily searchable and accessible. The right HR software can actually lower operating costs, so you can afford to invest more in your people. 1- Namely Namely is a web-based platform specializing in core HR and talent…Read More »

5 JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries

Visualizing data inside those apps and presenting them to end users is a great responsibility. Companies build strategies around the charts, number, and tables they’re presented with, and often use them to choose whether to pursue business opportunities. 1. D3.js D3 is…Read More »

BEST Task Management Software

Tools are becoming very popular in the Software Industry and they have gained an important place now in any project. can handle workflow management for any project. Deployment Cloud Hosted Open API Devices Supported Windows Mac iPhone/iPad Android Web-based 2-Paymo…Read More »

5 Best FREE IP Camera Software in 2020

IP camera software are applications that can be used for home surveillance, business, and family protection. Many such Video Management Software (VMS) enables you to view recorded web cameras and live clips with ease. 1) Security Eye Security Eye is a video…Read More »

5 Best FREE Sports Streaming Apps in 2020

Live sports apps are application that helps you to stay updated with important news, scores, events, and analytics of your favorite game. 1) ESPN ESPN is an application to watch live sports that provides a real-time update on scores. Features: Coverage of…Read More »

ISSH function and competencies

ISSH function and competencies the function of the Social Insurance Institute (SII) is the administration of social insurance in general and pension policies in particular, placing insured persons and improving service to them at the center of the activity of this institution,…Read More »

The legal status of companies

The legal status of companies the legislative framework for company law has been improved to ensure the protection of shareholders’ rights as well. The Central Register also keeps companies’ legal records and serves as a public register to register companies, their documents,…Read More »