Definition and Statute of a non-public hospital

Definition and Statute of a non-public hospital non-public hospitals provide services and health care and have staff use, which guarantees the patient’s treatment and is self-funded or is part of a charitable organization. Dated 17.7.2003-On the Hospital Service in the Republic of Albania Article 6, “Non-public hospitals are forced to seek medical assistance from any individual in need of urgent hospital care.”

Statute of a Non-Public Hospital
To have a clear and secure idea of ​​a necessary document, for all those who are required for the institution being run, there should be an internal regulation such as the Statute that is defined:

2-Type – non-public health institution
3-Type – legal person in his own words to act
4-Purpose and object
-provide health care, prevention, diagnostics, and treatment
-use medical help to do
-respect the dignity and personality of the patient

5-Principles according to which the hospital will operate:
-The medical service in the non-public hospital will be exercised in my system The Constitution of the Republic
of Albania, the laws in force apply the law No. 9106, dated 17.7.2003 “On the Hospital Service in the Republic of Albania” as well as other acts related to its activity.
The medical staff is obliged to serve each patient with correctness, humanity, and professionalism.

6-Governing bodies
The Administrative Council has the following duties:
* approve and draft financial policy
* Invest in the purchase of diagnostic equipment
Medical Commission
* Consists of the directors of the central wards such as – cardiology, emergency, psychiatry, and pediatrics

7-Rules and Procedures for Employment and Job Evaluation
Of the rules included:

1-Employment contract
All employees must work on an individual agreement according to the regulations set out in the Labor Code.
The employment contract uses the following elements: objects, duration, time and evidence if required, described in the workplace, obligations of employees and employers, site and bonuses at work, production, and settlement of enterprises at work.

2-Personnel file
Must contain:
* a copy of the employment contract
* copy of diploma for medical staff
* workbook
* health booklet

3-Recruitment procedure:
* through competition
* make an exception when hiring medical staff with the rank of professor

4-Determining job positions
Positions that must punish me time to write and positioning must punish me part-time.

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