HR Software For Small Businesses

HR software organize records and makes them easily searchable and accessible.

The right HR software can actually lower operating costs, so you can afford to invest more in your people.

1- Namely

Namely is a web-based platform specializing in core HR and talent management for growing companies.

The system is designed to be adaptable and user-friendly, which makes it stand out against more complicated enterprise solutions.

Namely has been used by thousands of small businesses across the globe, as well as larger brands like Kayak, Mashable, and Vimeo.


Cezanne offers comprehensive HR management tools that are accessible to smaller companies but designed to scale with future growth and advancement.

Cezanne offers features for training and development, disciplinary actions and grievances, health and safety compliance, document management, and reporting.

The system is only available on the cloud, additionally it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as some of the other tools on this list.


Zenefits started out as a free, core HR solution, but their product (and company) has come a long way in last years.

Zenefits offers built-in payroll, time tracking, native mobile apps, and impressive integrations.

While Zenefits offers HIPAA compliance features, it doesn’t offer similar features for OSHA, FDA, or ISO.


EffortlessHR is a Tucson-based provider of online HR software designed specifically to solve HR problems for small and medium-sized companies.

One nice feature is that EffortlessHR comes out-of-the-box with over 100 HR form templates, so you won’t have to create common workflows and documents from scratch.

EffortlessHR is another software that doesn’t offer payroll management, which is arguably one of the most complicated parts of HR

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