ISSH function and competencies

ISSH function and competencies

ISSH function and competencies the function of the Social Insurance Institute (SII) is the administration of social insurance in general and pension policies in particular, placing insured persons and improving service to them at the center of the activity of this institution, covering the population with elements of insurance increase in the number of contributors and the collection of income from the contributions of farmers and voluntary insurers, improving the efficiency of the management of social security funds, temporarily free funds and the reserve fund.

The mission of the social security system is to cover the entire population with an element of social insurance and to provide benefits for retirement, temporary incapacity for work, childbirth, accidents at work and occupational diseases, and supplementary services at the time of the birth of the right and need for them.

The vision of the social security system is focused on improving the current schemes by reforming the public pension pillar and strengthening a more direct link between paid contributions and future benefits, the gradual introduction of supplementary benefit schemes managed by non-public entities, creating personal accounts of each contributor and beneficiary, achieving maximum transparency, creating unique access to our customers.

Services provided by ISSH:
• Old age pension
• Disability pension
• Family pension
• Social pension
• Maternity benefit
• Benefit for temporary incapacity for work
• Benefit in case of an accident at work and occupational disease
• Voluntary insurance
• Supplementary state insurance
• Supplementary insurance for the military
• Insurance for the self-employed in agriculture
• Payment for birth/death

Social insurance in the Albania is directed and administered by the Social Insurance Institute (SII), an independent public institution, the organization and functioning regulated by Law no. 7703 dated 11.05.1993. “On Social Insurance in the Republic of Albania.” The Social Insurance Institute is headed by:

• Administrative Council;
• General Director.

The Administrative Council of the Social Insurance Institute is the highest executive body. It consists of 12 members, of which:

• 6 members, representatives of the Government;
• 6 members, representatives of Trade Unions and Employers.

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