Kristen Bell Says Only 2 Words Are Keeping Her Marriage Alive

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been married for nearly a decade now, and it’s been a bumpy ride for them. The couple has admitted on multiple occasions that their differences make their marriage difficult. But their love for each other is so strong, they refuse to stop working on their happiness. Let’s find out Bell and Shepard’s secrets to navigating married life.

They never remember their anniversary.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell have been married since 2013, but the exact date is unknown because they themselves don’t really know it. As Bell wrote on Instagram in 2019, “We were reminded by family and friends that at some point last week, it was our 5-year wedding anniversary. In truth, neither of us remembers which day.”

She continued to explain why the date doesn’t matter. “That’s because we have been living the celebration of our commitment every moment since. I find when you are living with gratitude each moment, the dates become irrelevant,” wrote the actress. “I will never remember the date of our anniversary @daxshepard, and I know you won’t either. And that’s just one more thing I love about us.”

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