Law on Social Security in Albania

Law on Social Security in Albania

Law on Social Security in Albania the first legal action in Albania’s field of social insurance is the Law “Civil Pensions,” no. 129, dated 28.10.1927. The system, by me, using only civil servants, and set up the spar model he created in 1889 in the German Empire Bismarck, the prominent German man I state, I c. 19th.

The engine of that system was the principle of solidarity between the generations. The younger, able-bodied ages worked to make not only themselves but also the third-generation incapable of work.
The very content of the legal act presupposes that there have been, even before, the regulatory provisions for pensions. Some foreign companies operating in Albania regularly need a safety net at work, where another place for social security is accidents at work. Likewise, by particular acts, the state determines pensions for state employees and the military.

The establishment of an appropriate system to provide social security coincides with August 1947. This system was completed and further consolidated in 1966, with the approval and completion of the implementation of law 4171, dated 13.09.1966 “On state company insurance in RPSSH. ”
I model in my adaptation to political policy and the development of an economic program. In detail and from one center, the social security system is another very generic and does not protect the social profile.
It provides for the low retirement age and the treatment of the difference for the category of eligible persons.

During the periods 1947-1992, with the limited aim of economic costs, the social security system, and developments, I dwell on two schemes: one to work the public sector and the other for agricultural cooperatives. Because the two methods differed essentially from each other in some respects, but by the size of the use for their use. The insurance scheme for agricultural cooperatives provides useful services for the low, which does not exceed 60% of the state insurance scheme’s minimum monthly income.

The transformation and the social plan of the country’s economic economy in the 1990s made it necessary to undertake a radical reform of the social security system, which aims to be another in terms of stopping and degrading a more efficient system, which does not you will not only face the emergency problems of the period and the costs of carrying, but you will also resist using the services of future generations.
For this reason, on 11 May 1993, Parliament approved Law no. 7703 “On Social Security in the Republic of Albania,” which entered into force in October of that year, since a new system can not be established is the principles of social justice.

Currently, my administration and system are carried out by the Social Insurance Institute (SII); as a public, state institution, I am independent. The method I built in 1993, as a whole, is responding to my needs to protect social protection for the popular categories it covers if it suits you for the development of the economy and the conditions that time has dictated.
The social protection scheme in the Republic of Albania protects all categories of the population through special projects and laws for social security, health insurance, economic assistance, and social services, etc.

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