Organization of Commercial Companies

Organization of Commercial Companies companies are a product and part of new companies. They combine different “factors” (capital, labor, technology, and their natural, human, and social environment) for useful purposes. They are a fruitful tool for conducting a commercial activity, mostly when…Read More »

Concentration Control

Concentration Control in law No. 9121/2003 “On the protection of competition,” one of the main pillars is the control of concentrations provided in CHAPTER III of the law that constitutes articles (10-17). Concentration control consists if a lasting change is caused based…Read More »

Copyright infringement online

Copyright infringement online, today in Albania, many organizations protect copyright, which authorizes the media based on some complex formulas approved by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance, etc. Case 1: If an individual is a user of artistic, musical, or cinematographic…Read More »

Areas of consumer protection

Areas of consumer protection, the 2003 law aims to provide more excellent consumer protection by establishing unique state structures for its protection. The latter has recognized the right to appeal to consumer associations, the People’s Advocate, or in court when producers violate…Read More »

But what does partnership provide

But what does partnership provide an innovative approach to the challenges of developing and eradicating poverty. I. new mechanisms to enable each sector to demonstrate competencies and capacities to achieve common and complementary goals more effectively, legitimately, and sustainably. II. Access to…Read More »