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Concentration Control

Concentration Control in law No. 9121/2003 “On the protection of competition,” one of the main pillars is the control of concentrations provided in CHAPTER III of the law that constitutes articles (10-17). Concentration control consists if a lasting change is caused based…Read More »

Areas of consumer protection

Areas of consumer protection, the 2003 law aims to provide more excellent consumer protection by establishing unique state structures for its protection. The latter has recognized the right to appeal to consumer associations, the People’s Advocate, or in court when producers violate…Read More »

Definition and Statute of a non-public hospital

Definition and Statute of a non-public hospital non-public hospitals provide services and health care and have staff use, which guarantees the patient’s treatment and is self-funded or is part of a charitable organization. Dated 17.7.2003-On the Hospital Service in the Republic of…Read More »

What is copyright?

What is copyright? For the first time, the importance of protecting intellectual property became recognized at the Paris convention for the protection of industrial property in 1883 and the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works in 1886. Both…Read More »

Liabilities of a venture

Liabilities of a venture numerous studies show different variables that affect companies’ success or failure, but most of these studies are focused on several variables: Liabilities of a venture. As I mentioned in the previous chapters, the Albanian company law is closely…Read More »