The stray cat declines to eat unless the food is inside a bag: one day, they decide to trail her and uncover her hidden secret.

Nothing is beyond what a mother wouldn’t do for her children. Does it matter if it’s a dog, a cat, or a person? Many people were moved by an amazing tale that went viral about a cat mother.

In particular, a woman was providing daily food gor the stray cats. She named one of the cats Dongsuk.

Dongsuk used to eagerly awaited her share of food, but something suddenly changed. While the other cats indulged in their meal, she would simply gaze at them. One day, the woman placed the food in a small bag, which Dongsuk grasped with her mouth, and took it somewhere with it.

The woman made the decision to follow the cat one day because of the cat’s strange behavior. Her heart melted as she realized what Dongsuk had done with the meal.

Dongsuk turned out to be the mother of a little cat. She actually had five children, but only one of them lived. The infant resembled its mother exactly.

The mother cat opened the food bag and walked over to the baby. The kitty continued to eat until she was completely satisfied, and only then did Dongsuk begin to consume food.

She made the decision to help the mother and her child because she was so moved by what she saw.

Check out the video below to discover more about Dongsuk and what happened to her and the kitty.

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