We can all appreciate why this Sweet Prom story keeps going viral.

Every now and then, ordinary people perform extraordinary acts that renew our confidence in humanity.

Although this heartfelt Facebook post was originally shared a few years ago, I always feel a deep sense of warmth whenever I see it. So, why not keep sharing it to spread its touching message even more widely?

This story focuses on a Father remembering the moment that a girl unexpectedly entered his office and asked for permission to speak to his son, who is autistic, and ask a question.

The desires of special needs children are frequently no different from those of other youngsters their age. Any 17 years old would prioritize finding a date for the school dance, so it might be a harsh blow to one’s self-confidence if no one agrees to go.

Even while it may not seem like a big concern in the grand scheme of things, for a teenager going alone can be the equivalent of social ruin; As a result, it can be very bad for self-confidence to not find a partner.

Children with specific problems, such as autism, may be even more hypersensitive and lack the abilities necessary to fully absorb everything.

Mike Larson, the parent in this story made the decision to record what transpired while his autistic son Jon prepared for his high school prom. He then posted the entire account on Facebook, where it has since received millions of shares and likes.

“This is my son Jon and his prom date Maddi,” Mike captioned a photo at a prom. “He has autism and is a junior. Senior Maddi requested if she could take Jon to prom about a month ago when she came to see me in my office (I teach at their school).”

Mike said, “Maddi had met Jon through a school organization that fosters friendships between children with disabilities and typical children.”  She said, “He’s a junior, so it’s also his prom.” I told her we would be honored to have him go with her and that I really believe he should have the opportunity to go.”

Maddi not only chose Jon as her date for the senior prom but also aimed to ensure he had an unforgettable evening. She conducted some research and discovered Jon’s preferred color, orange, allowing her to select a dress in that shade. Additionally, she made reservations for their group, which included another couple, at a restaurant known for serving Jon’s favorite meal—chicken fingers, French fries, and chocolate milk.

Maddi wanted to inquire about Jon’s permission from his father prior to inviting him to the dance.

Mike Larson told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “It was a fairly breathtaking experience for me”.

Mike claims he posted the prom picture on social media for three reasons;

1. “to show support for special-needs kids like Jon.”
2. “to support organizations that encourage these friendships.”
3. “to remind us all that there are wonderful children like Maddi working to improve the lives of others in a time when we hear about all the terrible things going on.”

The viral prom photo was first shared in 2013, and Mike Larson subsequently provided updates on the couple’s post-prom lives.

He rejoiced in 2019 when the post received 1 million shares and his writing was read all over the world. In addition, he provided an update on everyone’s wellbeing: “Many have wondered how Jon is doing. He continues to reside at home and is in good health.”

Mike also said that Maddi, who is married, sometimes feels “embarrassed” by all the attention because she didn’t think it was special. Mike said, “Thanks to all who have wished them well” at the end of the post.

Over 16 years ago, when Jon received his autism diagnosis, his father imagined various possible outcomes. Among them was the belief that his son would never attend a prom due to his autism. However, thanks to Maddi, not only did Jon have the opportunity to attend the prom, but he also experienced a truly delightful evening!

“It’s something I never imagined would occur for our family, and not only did it, but it did so in the most beautiful way possible”, said Mike Larson. “And to see it continue to enrich the lives of others is more than I could have ever imagined. It will be among our best lifetime memories.”

It gives us all hope to know that there are still kind and caring people in the world. If you enjoy this story as well, please heed the father’s advice and tell your friends and family about it.

I hope they had a lot of pictures shot of them to remember that memorable occasion because this young girl is very kind & attentive to ask his parents first!

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