Which Is Better For 2021 (Trello or Monday.com)

Trello is an amazing project management tool that allows you to utilize its incredible Kanban boards, cards, and lists to move different tasks and organize all of the resource material associated with your projects in real-time.

The application is also incredible in letting your team work more collaboratively and allows you to get things done more easily and effectively.

Product Features

  • Quick overview on front and back of cards to quickly let you know about the information related to the project
  • Drag and drop functionality to help you interact with the elements of the interface easily and quickly
  • Real-time sync to make sure that all of your data is saved accordingly and all of the databases are managed effectively
  • Easy uploading of files and attachments to make sure that you have everything you need to manage the tasks and processes related to your project
  • Deadline reminders to keep you reminded and informed about the deadlines that you have to fulfill
  • Email notifications to keep you updated about every little change that happens in the project development process or the overall project management process.


  • There is a free version of the application available for use if you want to check out the software with just a limited number of features
  • The Business class version of the application is priced at $9.99/month which has a lot more features than the free version.
  • The Enterprise version of the application is priced at around $20.82/month which is equipped with some of the best features in a project management application.


Monday.com is the king when it comes to being the best collaboration and communication application used by millions of professionals every day.

The application is also incredible task management or project management software that syncs all of the information related to your project in a single interface and empowers different team members and agents to make important decisions about the project together.

Product Features

  • Work management in a single platform for team collaboration
  • Visually appealing and intuitive workflow management
  • Ability to set custom automation to get things done on time
  • Set due dates, status, priority and assign tasks to team members
  • Use timeline for task overview
  • Group items and sync them with projects, and process
  • Calendar, Gantt, Kanban, form, workload, and the map feature
  • Tag and notify, integrate chat app, and real-time communication

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